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Lash Care and Application

How to apply your lashes:
1. Carefully remove lashes from the tray.
2. Measure the lashes next to your lash line to check fit.
3. Trim lashes to the length required to fit your eye comfortably.
4. Apply a coating of lash adhesive* to the lash band, wait until adhesive is tacky.
5. Place the lash band on top of your natural lash line.
*Eyelash adhesive is not included.
How to remove you lashes:
1. Grab a cleansing wipe and close your eye.
2. Gently wipe your lashes in a downward motion. Make sure to focus on the corners of your eye, as well.
3. Continue to gently wipe your lash line until the lashes come off.
4. Using tweezers, gently remove the dried lash adhesive from the band.
5. Repeat steps 1-4 for your other eye and then store your lashes in the lash box!
 *We advise to NOT apply water, micellar water, or any liquid to your lashes. This can affect the lash hairs and its overall shape.